Our success as a company starts with our network of high quality candidates. We are continually searching for talented professionals to present to our clients. If you have a colleague who may be thinking about embarking on a job search, refer them to New Age! If we match one of your referrals with our clients you will quality for great prizes. And the more referrals we place…the more valuable your reward!
New Age will only contact your referral if we have a job requirement for which they are a fit. If they are not interested in accepting a position through us, we will not contact them again. In order to be successful, please provide as much information about your referral as possible so that we can best match them with relevant opportunities.


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    1st and 2nd Referal
    Your 1st and 2nd referral can earn you $500*

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    3rd and 4th Referral
    Your 3rd and 4th referral $1,000*

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    5th Referral
    Your 5th referral earns you a one week at the Costa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba; picture yourself at the resort today!

    *Minimum contract length of 250 hours.