Sometimes we learn that our clients are looking for a value conscious staffing solution. The lower labor rate options offered through our offshore resources are the perfect solution. If you are looking for a resource alternative in any of the following areas of expertise, New Age may suggest you explore the offshore services provided through our trusted partner Ephir, Inc.

  • Database- Database tuning and optimization, Data-warehouse and OLTP, Database conversions.
  • Technology Services- Technology consulting, Systems integration, QA/Validation.
  • Application Development- Internet/Intranet/Extranet, Client/Server

Why hiring managers choose

    - Lower costs
    - Provides available skilled IT personnel resources
    - Ability to rapidly ramp up/down
    - Accelerate project delivery schedules
    - Achieve higher productivity
    - Obtain higher quality products
    - Accelerate internal quality and process improvement
    - Reduce the risks of software development
    - Obtain fixed price contracts
    - The only way to get the critical software technologies they need to be competitive

Why Offshore

-Highly skilled and educated work force
-Much higher degree of customer satisfaction with 85% compared to an average 45%*
-Companies developing software in Eastern Europe: Google, Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, Accenture, IBM, eBay
-Over 100,000 specialists in physics, mathematics, informatics and computer engineering annually graduate from Russian universities and institutes
  (India- 60K, China-  50K)**
-Annual 57% growth of software export during last 4 years.

*Aberdeen Group study ** Forbes Magazine