Summer Fun With Foursquare

I personally have not used Foursquare before and I do not know many people who use the social networking tool so this blog was a bit of a challenge yet a learning experience for me. The Foursquare website informs users that the apps were designed to help users stay in touch and meet up with friends and find great places (Foursquare, 2014). A quick glimpse at Foursquare, updated in May 2014, shows:

•         Over 50 million users in the worldwide community
•         Over 6 billion check-ins and more each day
•         Over 1.7 millions businesses are using the app (Foursquare, 2014).

Foursquare also uses similar point system to online games in which users are “rewarded” for visiting , “checking in” and giving feedback about businesses through the app. Businesses can also profit from Foursquare by branding to consumers using the app and to claim ownership of the business by paying a fee which allows the business to include company contact information such as a website or phone number.

From a social media prospective, Foursquare encourages users to be social with other users as well as the businesses that they check into. Being social can range from something as simple to setting up a place to meet with friends to planning out an entire trip and taking the time to look at businesses within the travel area (Foursquare, 2014). Writing business reviews also gives Foursquare users the ability to be social with the business and other consumers who might be interested in visiting the business but wanted to read reviews before making a decision. The app itself is also social as Foursquare can be found on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Meetups, Google + and Flickr (Foursquare, 2014). As a potential Foursquare consumer, I was able to “explore” Foursquare and find specials within the Manchester, NH area including a free order of garlic bread at 900 Degrees and 25% off my entrĂ©e at the Airport Diner from 2-5pm (Foursquare Explore, 2014). By seeing the specials in my area, I might be more inclined to try those businesses and tell friends about Foursquare specials and be more social with friends and local businesses. Foursquare users might also find the app to be an enjoyable mobile game as users can earn badges and compete with other users in badge earnings. The badges range from “newbie” which is earned at a user’s first check in to “photogenic” where a user has found three places with a photobooth (4SquareBadges, 2014). With the ability to earn badges and rewards, marketers can easily encourage consumers to download the free app and then promote that a business is connected to Foursquare. After learning more about Foursquare, I think I am going to download the app and try it out for myself.

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