Feeling a Little Anti-Social These Days? There’s An App for that…

Happy Spring! Or rather happy almost-spring-let-me-toss-in-a-little-snow-and-ice-here-and-there-so-don’t-get-too-excited-about-warmer-weather-happening-anytime-soon. Having 65+ degree weather in New Hampshire was wonderful over the weekend and even the warm day with rain yesterday was okay. But then last night, a nice scattering of snow and ice that left everything crusted for the morning wake up reminded me that spring has sprung but in New England that can still mean ice and snow until May or June.

I will admit, this new dusting of weather that should be left behind once spring has arrived has left me feeling rather anti-social. With this newfound feeling, finding an app for those anti-social days couldn’t have been more perfect! An app released in March, 2014 called Cloak was created for those looking to hid rather than be found. Cloak takes location information from a person’s social networks and will show the user where their friends are. Currently, Cloak connects with Instagram and Foursquare to gather location information and then the app will display a map of where the user is and check in spots of friends in the nearby area. The map’s default settings include a half mile radius but users can customize the map to show locations within blocks or up to two miles. According to Karissa Bell’s (2014) article on Cloak, the app developers are in the process of connecting Cloak to more networks and will currently stick with Instagram and Foursquare for now.

There are a number of reasons why people want to be anti-social and that is okay…Cloak makes it just a little easier for those days when you simply want to be left alone.



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