Get your resume to the top of the pile

No doubt you have read numerous articles and posts that offer tips for resumes and what you can do to better your current resume. But there may be some areas you haven’t thought to improve on and that is leaving your resume behind when it comes to job applications. A simple rule to remember when it comes to resumes include sticking to one font and size for the document. Those individuals looking at your resume might have a hard time reading the page with multiple fonts or sizes and this could result in your resume getting passed over.

With the number of resumes that get submitted to a job, a hiring manger may only have 10-20 seconds to look at a resume before they move onto another. Keep this timeframe in mind when it comes to your resume format as key pieces of information should be at the top so they catch the eye of the viewer. If you decide to list areas such as experience further down on your resume, be sure that it will be noticed and list relevant experience information within the top half of your resume.

Your resume should also be fresh and up to date; periodically updating your resume allows for the more relevant information to be included for the next time you apply for a job. If you don’t have the time to check up on your resume, be sure to thoroughly look over your document multiple times before you send it out with your job application. A resume may be the only thing a hiring manager sees from an applicant and if your resume isn’t up to speed then it may be passed over for another candidate.

Once you have covered some of the basics for your resume, there may be a few other areas you can improve on before you send it off in an application. Did you know that you can add volunteer work to your resume? Ashley Faus (2013) wrote about four things you may not have considered or even thought of putting in your resume that could make your document stand out in the crowd. Faus (2013) wrote that adding volunteer work to your resume can showcase other skills such as leadership or project management and could be a valuable thing to include in your resume especially if it relates to your field of work.

When you have a second, take a look at your current resume and see if any changes need to be made. Or perhaps you can add something other than work experience to make your resume stand out from others and get you one step closer to an interview.



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