What does it take to be a good boss?

Being a good boss is not always an easy task and there may be times when a boss isn’t always “good”. But the real question is, what does it take to be a good boss? Each individual may have a difference of opinion when it comes to a good boss but there may be a standard consensus of some qualities that can be found in a good boss. 
Basics of a good boss can include but are not limited to:
*Setting clear expectations and guidelines. 
     Informing employees from the very first day of employment about what they are expected to do, company guidelines, evaluations and what makes a standout employee are all important things to know and should be set by the company boss or manger. By having concise rules to follow and understand, a boss can let employees know what is expected of them and how they can excel at their job. 
*The title “boss” isn’t everything.
     A good boss is an individual that respects the title and is still a team player who is willing to work with employees. Every once and awhile a boss comes along who decides that their title of “boss” entitles them to merely observe employees and that participating in daily activities is not required of them. Being a good boss means that he or she understands their title but is not afraid to get their hands dirty and be part of the workforce that makes a company thrive.
*Give feedback and recognize efforts.
     If an employee asks his or her boss for feedback for any reason such as how an they could better manager their time, it is important that the boss provide the information that the employee is looking for. Giving feedback allows a boss and employees to have an ongoing relationship and one that allows employees to feel comfortable to ask for pointers or areas of improvement. Recognizing efforts made by employees is also a reflection of a good boss as it allows an employee’s efforts to be showcased and provide as an example to other employees. Being made aware of good efforts not only benefits the employee but it also demonstrates that a boss has a good eye for achievements and improvements within the company.
*Get to know employees, not just their name.
     Having a professional relationship with employees is a sign of a good boss as it shows that the individual takes the time to get to know employees on more than a first name basis. A good boss not only knows a little about each employee but takes the time to communicate with employees on a regular basis, even if it is just to say a quick hello. Being available to employees is also a sign of a good boss as it leaves an “open door” and a way for employees to seek the guidance of a boss if needed.
*It takes time.
     Some say that a good boss is not born but rather made and in many circumstances that can be quite true. Being a good boss takes time and practice as there are some skills that cannot be easily taught. Sure, some individuals are born leaders but that does not always make them a good boss. In order to be a good and effective boss, an individual will need to practice the ways of being a good boss and always look for ways to improve as an individual and as a boss.
There are no cut and dry criteria that makes a good boss but rather many aspects that make an individual a good leader. These are but five examples of qualities that a good boss should have and while your current boss may not have them all, these statements do not make an individual a “good” or “bad” boss but rather some areas to work on in order to be seen as a good boss.

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