Gary Karl

What has inspired you in your job?
The good feeling I get when I connect with the right person who has
the decision making authority to use our team in helping
them fill their IT job openings.

My personal interests: 
I enjoy the Martial Arts, swimming, working out, jazz music, reading about history and a good movie.

Favorite part of my job:
When we place a candidate that was a direct result of my initial phone call/connection with the client which results in both a happy client and candidate.
Favorite Slogan:
 Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.

Tim O'Donohue


One piece of advice I give to employers or job seekers: 
Time kills all deals. The longer you wait to pull the trigger
on a candidate or a job, the bigger the risk of losing the candidate or engagement.

My personal interests: 
Thoroughbred horse racing, running, muscle cars, golf and  weightlifting.

Favorite part of my job:
Closing the deal and having a happy client and candidate.
What would be impossible for you to give up:
Road racing; it’s the only athletic event I can compete in and win at my age!