Shauna Barry

Director of Operations

Professional passions:
Making a difference.  I feel an extreme sense of  accomplishment
when helping candidates find the perfect job and helping clients with identifying IT candidates who not only have the right technical skill set
but also are a great culture match.

What would be impossible for you to give up:
Laughing; I love to laugh and see the bright side of any given situation.

Superpower you have at work:
My memory.  I have a keen ability to remember not only what is pertinent to my job but also for my team members.
Favorite saying:
I have two, “cool beans” and “you rock!”.
Tim O'Donohue


One piece of advice I give to employers or job seekers:
Time kills all deals. The longer you wait to pull the trigger
on a candidate or a job, the bigger the risk of losing the candidate or engagement.

My personal interests: 
Thoroughbred horse racing, running, muscle cars, golf and  weightlifting.

Favorite part of my job:
Closing the deal and having a happy client and candidate.
What would be impossible for you to give up:
Road racing; it’s the only athletic event I can compete in and win at my age!